Vanheat Services are boiler service specialists and serve all locations throughout the lower mainland to repair service and installation.

As boilers are the most reliable and long-lasting central heating unit for (residential and commercial both), need periodic, professional supervision (especially when boilers are connected to hot water supplier). Also, as a matter of importance, there is an optimized pressure related to an optimized temperature in boiler vessels, the supervision must be performed by a very professional and experienced company, and Vanheat Services has this option.

There are many different types and make of boiler in the market for different options depends on the location specification and customers’ expectations. The familiarity with all boiler versions is another advantage of Vanheat Services, which will bring you peace of mind, and you can rely on our professionalism.
Boilers are pressurized vessels and getting so hot by the burners and flames up to +200 degrees Fahrenheit. If anyone wants to change the adjustment or relight the pilot in older versions must go back to the boiler manual, or call an experienced technician to help.

Air in your boiler

When your boiler installed has lots of air in the system, pipes, and radiators, and it won’t work correctly until a technician take the air out of the system (flushing), and if the flushing is not done completely the system won’t work properly either; making noise in radiators, malfunction on burners and flame system
Not enough efficiency, and pump failure are some result of having air in the boiler system, as we talk before, the boiler is a pressure unit, and any touch to this appliance must be done with an expert technician.


Boiler servicing

Vanheat Services believe in “preventing“and never leaves their customers alone with any critical point until they stay in cold or experience crisis with their boiler.
Vanheat Services always follow our customers by calling and asking them if everything about their boiler is normal or if the service is done on time, based on the schedule.
Some calls led the customers to service their boiler on time or remind them to check their appliance before something wrong happens.
Vanheat Services begin the service with checking the gas loop, as a safety matter, with checking of the burners, gas control valve, and all gas connections and then will start to check the water loop. The water loop is closed-loop connected to the main domestic water line, with many items on the way, Water pressure suppliers and temperature controllers are the other part of important checking.

Vanheat Services, technicians are experienced with boiler for 15 years, so rely on us and call our number at 604 281 4790, we are always here for you.


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