Ductless Air conditioning

Ductless air conditioning is a fancy and cosmetic unit to generate heat and cool, for some smaller areas, and suitable for geographic areas with not very cold climates. The Dustless air condition is a kind of air conditioning with two pieces, the compressor which is located outside to dump the absorbed internal heat, may connect to the one or more blowers or evaporator and coils indoor. The word ductless is showing that there is no duct involved between the outside and inside units, and that means there is %30 more efficiency than traditional with better air quality. Healthier air quality and fresher breathing is another advantage of the ductless;

Some Areas are more common to get ductless air conditioning for areas where don’t have proper air circulation and are not easy to reach a specific temperature. Like some bedroom, a room in the basement, or upstairs.

Why Vanheat services, for your Ductless A/C air conditioning

Vanheat services is a reputable Heating and cooling company in the lower mainland, which has more than 40%, referral customers. We are knowledgeable about the scientific principles and have expert technicians who can calculate the optimum capacity and turning points for the ductless system.


If you want to have an efficient system that functions in different seasons with the lowest cost and longest life expectancy, vanheat services is the right choice. We know about the value for your home and family and the comfort you are experiencing inside, so we are fully equipped to repair and install a well-designed ductless system for your home to meet all comfort and safety points.

Vanheat services install different makes like Mitsubishi, LG, Daikin, and many other reliable brands.


Why vanheat services suggest Ductless Air conditioning for your home and offices.

There are quite a few parameters we are following to meet for you.

 Money and energy saving up to %35
 Ability to control the heat and cool, remotely
 cleaner and healthier air circulation and avoid any pollution
 Easier repair, and longer life expectancy
 getting the moist and humidity out of the house

Ductless air conditioning can generate heat or cool for a special area, where you may need to change the temperature for the time being; regardless of other places at home or office has a different temperature.

Plus, with only one outside unit (condenser) you can add a few more indoor units to different rooms to even keep different temperatures; as any indoor unit has its own remote control, and that makes the control and saving way easier, and this is called a multi-zone system.

Different makes with a variety of options make this job easier for you, and we can help.

As there is no duct or vent between of the outside and insides unit, the whole power of the condenser to meet the adjusted temperature diverts to the heating or cooling energy, despite old systems have venting in the middle, and %35 to %40 of energy will waste for the length between the generator and blower.

Our advantages are:

 we always get the permit; first, BC safety authority has to know who is doing what in where
 We explain all steps of work beforehand to the homeowner and answer his entire question to make sure everything is crystal clear for him.
 We are licensed, bonded and insured so that you can rely on us with peace of mind
 Financing always available to let you feel more comfortable about the major expense
 Very competitive price, and always ready to match the price
 10 years manufacture part and warranty,
 Serving the lower mainland 24/7 and never leave you with problem
 Experienced and knowledgeable to design and cheapest repair
 We always try to repair instead of replacement
 We know what is the principle and physics of the heating and cooling mechanism
 we know what SEER (SEASONAL ENERGY EFFICIENT RATE) is suitable for your house and location, and we stand behind our job, the lower rate the highest energy consumption.
 We also can help friends to correct other companies’ mistakes.

Different air registers, for a different house, layout

There are different house layout in the lower mainland, and we have to try not to demolish the inside cosmetic beauty, as we have many varieties of specialized tools for indoor and this makes us an exception, So there are different air registers available for different positions and angles. Like:

Wall mounted, floor mounted, and ceiling unit. And also a variety of the blower evaporator for the inside units To give you the highest beauty besides the efficiency.


When we install a ductless or mini-split air conditioning for a house, we install the “condenser” outside, (on the wall or on the ground) depends on the location situation, and the evaporator inside as (one or more blowers), and there is a small invisible whole in the between, on the wall, the whole must be very delicate and small to provide the safety and protection for the copper tubes which are carrying the refrigerant gas, and the power ~220V cable.

There are two pieces of filter on the blower indoor that for better and fresher breathing have to replace every month. The filter replacement is very easy and can be implemented by anyone.

Some residential or commercial can’t install a big A/C unit, and ductless is their only choice like condos, offices, townhouses, north face houses, and too far rooms with no registers. To put a ductless unit, many calculations have to be done to select the safest and most efficient one. Our specialized licensed technicians with many years of experience are ready to help you repair, maintain, or even install the new one for you.


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