Earthquake emergency gas shut off valve (Seismic valve)

In a modern building, the construction code makes a seismic valve compulsory; the Seismic valve is a safety shut off valve. In an Earthquake, buildings shake and suspend objects; many things break, like ceiling water lines and things get wet, they have to get them locked to the ceiling or other code holders, but imagine if the pipes contain something flammable and dangerous like natural gas; what would happen?! Obviously, natural gas sprays on things and causes a huge fire hazard and somehow increases the volume of fire bigger and bigger.

In principle it’s very simple; the ground shakes, the valve shuts the natural gas line.

On the seismic valves there is a small window, shows the ball and spring,when the valve shakes the ball drops down over spring and shut the gas stream off; to reset the valve manually, there is a small screw at the side, which must rotate and the valve will get back to function.

What is concerning the most about seismic valves is the level of shake, for example, if a truck passing by, or a train is trespassing; houses start shaking, but this level of shaking won’t activate the valve and disconnect the gas stream to the house. The valve is designed to activate in a certain level of shake, more than 4 degrees Richter) in a level of shake measurement.

Seismic valves must install at the downstream of the gas line after the gas meter of the house very professionally, which after dysfunctional of the valve, no gas is going through the house at all.

This is Seismic shut off valve effective piece of equipment for any gas piping to go to any building.


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