Hot water tank

Hot water tank is a unit for generating clean hot water for your bath, and showers at your home, in natural gas, or electric, in different capacities. The main domestic cold water runs into the tank ,and after getting hot around the heat exchanger (water container) will go to the pipes and faucets.

Hot water tanks like other gas or electric appliances must be serviced by a professional expert, every year, with its gas line, exhaust line, water line, burners and thermostat. All these items are important with safety. Due to the high rate of humidity and corrosion in BC; the safe life range of a hot water tank is 10-12 years, means we always have to keep an eye on our hot water tank and its safety.


 Lower pricing
Easy installation
 Still has to connect to the old, metal chimney
 Cheap and easy repair
 No connection to the power, needed


 A big tank, may fail any time
 Lower efficiency
 It takes long when you demand hot water from your faucet
 Has to replace every 10-12years
 Pilot flame may go off anytime, by technical problem or because of wind.
 To protect the water storage (Cathode), chemical corrosion rod (Anode) is needed
 Carbon Monoxide danger
 Extra gas usage, to keep the temperature on a certain degree, many ON and OFF
 Thermocouple fails after a while
 No ability to see the temperature on tank, and control it accurately
 Flood destroy the house, and storage has the danger of flood

To prevent all the above disadvantages, the hot water tank has to select very accurately at the first place because when someone Is looking for a gas technician to replace or repair their hot water tank in trouble time, they are in rush and want to book a service appointment right away, and at the same time they search to find a company with good reputation or a referred one. Searching and finding an expert in hot water tank replacement helps customers to have peace of mind.

Vanheat services installers are highly experienced and unlike other similar companies we have a 12 years warranty on gas or electric hot water tanks. We try to help customers to pick the best type suitable for their house with reasonable price and eligible for Rebates.

One other type of the hot water suppliers are very common these days is “On demand hot water supplier” or “ tankless High efficiency hot water supplier”.

Tankless, High efficiency hot water supplier

As the name is showing, this unit does not have a tank, and there is no danger of flooding either. This is one of the biggest advantages of this type, and instead there is a small high efficient heat exchanger, that starts warming the water instantly after opening the hot water tap. The exhaust in this type is plastic (PVC) which has to connect to outside; and ¾” cold and hot water inlet and outlet connect to the water lines. The unit mounts on the wall, in proper place for the exhaust location and power accordingly. The unit needs to connect to the ~120v.

Tankless high efficiency hot water generator is a unit with stainless steel material heat exchanger that will never corrode, and this make the life expectancy indefinite, and unlike the hot water tank you don’t need to replace if every 10-12 years and also the flame will no stay ON, full time, only light when the tap is open, and that’s a huge drop in gas consumption.

When you put a tankless high efficiency hot water supplier in your mechanical room, you will save on space too as your storage; a huge tank is gone and a small unit is mounted on the wall instead; that’s why most people demands the high efficiency type. is a little more pricey but very comfortable with many advantages.

If you don’t want to stay in lack of hot water, especially when two consumer are using hot water at the same time, at home, you need to ask an experts to do the accurate calculation before installation, vanheat services has experienced technicians for start to end of the job, with an extensive warranty for product and labor.

Tankless systems must service every year with professionals and be watched on the performance and filter cleaning. Permit for tankless replacement is mandatory.

We install Navian and Bosch as the best and reliable brands in the market.


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