We offer Urgent and regular services for your Air conditioning and Heat pump, on the scope of  Residential and commercial areas. We are ready to serve you with the highest quality of standard 24/7. Rely on us.


We are available for residential and commercial air conditioning 24/7; and are proudly able to serve our customers with the highest level of standard and quality.

A/C in general needs a very thorough and accurate engineering calculation and has 5 main pieces including: Blower, outside unit (condenser), coil (evaporator), line set (refrigerant gas line) and special thermostat.

The outside unit sizing, the blower sizing, the pressure of refrigerant gas, the coil sizing and …are all related to the home specifications like the size, the amount of heat loss and age.

Humidity is another factor in A/C systems that should be controlled while the system is working. When the air conditioning system works, the humidity of the indoor will condense around the coils, and the condensation water dumps to drainage, so the water line from the coil tray to the floor drain is very necessary. Our certified technicians are experts to design and implement the installation, and consider all the details with the code; to get the highest performance ever.

Our Engineering department is specialized to calculate and optimize the above factors, to select the best elements and details of the air conditioning system for your home.

We always stand behind our job. When a job is implemented by our certified technicians will have a 10 years warranty on parts. Our licenced technicians have experience in the air conditioning industry for years and are experts with different old and new generation makes and models; so we are always there for you.

Vanheat services is proudly being selected by lower mainland people for consulting, repair or installation of A/C units for their home, office or Cabin, over the past few years. A/C maintenance needs professionalism, and also beside needs other qualifications too, like: Licencing, warranty, fast responding, availability, government rebate eligibility, not over charging fees, and …

Air conditioning repair

Vanheat services provide thorough services and maintenance on a regular basis for your cooling system, to keep your home comfortable for you in the hot season.

It won’t be a peace of mind when your A/C system stops working in the middle of summer, after paying a major expense. We are ready to do the best services 24/7 for your A/C all over the lower mainland; Our service fee is really reasonable and affordable, and also our certified Technician can troubleshoot your home cooling system and solve the problem on the phone for 

There are many problems for A/C though the customers can solve themselves; our technicians can help you to solve the problem without paying any money, instantly.

Providing a list of inspections, that makes the system run functional, and not let the customer down in the middle of hot season, will be another professional job that vanheat is doing to not lead you to unpleasant surprises.

To prevent any further problems for your air conditioning system, we have an extensive rotary schedule for our customers in our database; and will call them to schedule an appointment; starting a few months before hot season in order to make sure your system passes all the safety and efficiency tests. The service has a 365 days warranty, and any further problem will solve immediately.

Is very important to have a yearly  check-up of your home heating and cooling system, as the most expensive and crucial unit in the house, to save your investment, and lot on the utility and energy bills, and will meet the unit life expectancy as well.

The expensive A/C unit must be installed and performed under road star A/C certified technicians, and company, to deter any further problem or repair. Especially when you want to replace your air conditioning or you just want to install one for your house, knowledgeable technicians’ is very important.

Air conditioning service

 Checking the motor and the amp
 Checking the connections and fittings
 Checking the controller
 Checking the outside temperature sensor
 Checking the refrigerant gas pressure
 Checking the condenser negative pressure
 Checking the air conditioning if its level
 Cleaning the evaporator
 Checking the temperature difference in supply and return
 Scheduling the next service date and time to see if the system works efficiently


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