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Heat Pump Services in Vancouver: Efficient and Cost-effective Heating and Cooling Solutions for Your Home

Thermodynamics is the main science that explains how to get cold, or heat from a cycle with the same elements, based on fluid mechanics.“ vanheat services engineering and technicians”  are all certified for the above services calculation, and with a heat pump you can get cold in summer and heat in winter, with a pleasure level of humidity.

For the best and optimized sizing of Heat pump, you need to talk to a specialist, and We are experts, have a lot of experience in this respect, and are ready to help you with our all credentials 24/7.


Heat pump is a device for getting Heat from outside and injects it to the indoor and in summer gets the heat from indoor and dumps it to the outside. Heat pump is designed to move thermal energy to opposite direction (in & out):

Heat pump heating cycle can be acting opposite of its cooling cycle with a reversing valve, which is controlled by the thermostat (based on the outside temperature).

Heat pump quality is very important, VANHEAT SERVICES Eng. Departments have sufficient experience and knowledge about this unit in residential and commercial scope, and they are also capable to do the best installation, in order to get the highest efficiency and the longest life expectancy.

Heat pumps have differences with Air conditioning, unlike some people think.

Why VANHEAT Services for your heat pump

We always get the permit first, BC safety authority has to know who is doing what in where, that’s LAW

 We explain all steps of work beforehand to the homeowner and answer his entire question to make sure everything is crystal clear for the customer in any range of age.

 We are licensed, bonded and insured and you can rely on us with peace of mind

 Financing always available to let you feel more comfortable about the major expense

Very competitive price, and always ready to match the price

Extensive manufacturer part and warranty

 Serving the lower mainland 24/7 and never leave you with problem at any time

Experienced and knowledgeable to design and do the cheapest possible repair

 We always try to repair instead of replacement

 We know what is the principle and physics of the heating and cooling mechanism

 we know what SEER (SEASONAL ENERGY EFFICIENT RATE) is suitable for your house and location, and we stand behind our job, the lower rate the highest energy consumption.

 We also can help friends to correct other companies’ mistakes.

Vanheat services is a reputable Heating and cooling company in the lower mainland, which has more than 40% referral customers. We are knowledgeable about the scientific principles and have expert technicians who can calculate the optimum capacity and turning points for the Heat pump system.

If you want to have an efficient system that functions in different seasons with the lowest cost and longest life expectancy, Vanheat services is the right choice. We know about the value for your home and family and the comfort you feel inside. We are fully equipped to repair and install a well-designed Heat pump system for your home to meet all comfort and safety points.

Who is the best Heat pump service man?

Heat pump is a very delicate and expensive appliance at your home and has to be kept well, means you must prevent any unexpected faults by servicing the unit on time by experts only. An expert technician means a certified technician with more than 7 years’ experience in the heat pump industry and very dominates on the principals to be able to troubleshoot the system with no waste of time and lead the customer to the best solution for repair or new installation. Keep going to service the unit once per year and monitoring every single angle of the unit is the other condition of that technician.

Monitoring the items like:

 The refrigerant gas pressure

 Checking the efficiency of the compressor

 Checking the reversing valve function in heat and cool

 Checking the power connection and voltage when the unit is running

 Checking the top motor function

 Checking the coil

 Measuring the temperature in heat and cool

 Making sure if still the unit is level after vibration
Checking the condensation water line

 Checking the thermostat and functions in heat and cool

Heat Pump Repair

We should not wait until something goes wrong with our heat pump, Vanheat services is here to help and accept this responsibility for you, for years.

We can monitor your heat pump system on line and keep that running with no problem for a long time, and in case of repair we can be present at the job site in one hour, with all spare components in the back of our vehicle. We can do the repair instantly with the longest warranty in the market.

We know about the new technology of new generation heat pumps and dealing with best quality brands available in the market, for repair and installation.

If you have any other questions about your heat pump or our service you can apply online or call us directly to the office, and we will get back to you immediately. Vanheat services has all amenities to help you with your heat pump, Trust us.

What you get from VANheat Services

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