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We're a Vancouver heating team that keeps your heat running at all times. Stay warm in the winter with assistance from Vanheat Services.

Stay Warm & Toasty All Winter Long

There's nothing fun about shivering in your shoes while an ice-cold winter storm rages outside. When cold weather attacks, you need to service your heating unit and take care of any heat loss and maintain the temperature.

At Vanheat Services, we do just that. Customers know they can always get the best services from us. If you're ready to get your heating systems whipped into shape in time for the winter, give us a call and we'll service your systems.

Services for Any Type of Heating System

Vanheat Services technicians are always ready to repair and tune up your existing heating unit, regardless of whether you've got a furnace, boiler, or heat pump.

Better yet, our technicians always have all spare parts ready on their vehicle so that we can tackle issues with any type of issue you're experiencing.

What's more, we have professional experience in boiler services. That means that we're able to get your boiler fixed up so that you can continue enjoying hot water all winter long.

On top of that, we try to take care of your hot water tank, tankless, Combi water heater to provide you enough, clean, and safe hot water and prevent any flood as well. Having hot water is part of keeping yourself and your family warm when the weather gets cool.

We're Your First Choice for Heating Services in the Greater Vancouver Area

When locals need heating services, they know that they can count on the team at Vanheat. That's because we've been hooking Vancouver homeowners up with heating assistance that makes a difference for years. Get in touch with our team and know you're partnering with the area's favorite team of heating technicians.

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