We try to keep your system running instead of replacement

Vanheat Services
customers are aware they always can get the best services from us. When cold weather attacks, you need to service your heating unit and take care of any heat loss and maintain the temperature.


Vanheat Services technicians are always ready to repair and tune-up your existing heating unit (Furnace, Boiler, or heat pump), and in case of a problem on some components, the technicians have all spare parts ready on their vehicle, we try to keep your system running instead of replacement.
Taking care of the indoor humidity will be a factor to feel the heat or cool more effectively. Vanheat Services technicians are educated on how to engineer the energy to feel it the most.


We try to take care of your hot water supplier (hot water tank, tankless, on-demand, or Comby) , to provide you enough, clean and safe hot water and prevent any flood as well; main house water pressure before any touch to the water heating unit is very important.
You will turn off the central heating unit in the hot season, but hot water has to be on the whole year, 24/7, so they have to be watched more accurately, to prevent any flood; as we all know, the flood caused us a lot of extra expenses and energy.


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