Furnace installation

What To Expect During a Furnace Installation

When installing a new furnace, it's imperative that you hire only certified installers to ensure the proper installation of your new heating device. Hiring a handyman may be a cheaper option but you do not get a guarantee that your furnace will work efficiently. When a technician doesn't have enough experience with furnace installation, it can be unsafe for you and your entire family.

To avoid costly repairs down the road, work only with professional furnace installers. Call furnace installation Burnaby and ensure that your clean the area well so the technician can work more effectively.

Old Furnace Removal

To make room for a new furnace, the technician needs to remove the old one. The process may take a little longer as the professional needs to make sure it's removed properly. It can be pretty complicated to remove an old furnace - this is why it's essential you hire only professional installers.

The furnace has to be disposed of properly and safely, and according to the requirements set in your county. After removing the furnace, the technician will then prepare the area to install the new furnace.

Connecting the Furnace

When the new furnace is properly and safely placed, the technician will connect it to your ducting system and the vent pipes. After sealing the connection, it will be connected to the gas supply or the electrical power source. The technician will also be checking for any gas leaks or if the condensate drains properly.

Testing the Furnace

The last step is to do a test to make sure that the furnace works properly. Your technician will turn on the furnace and check if it works just fine. He will check all components of your furnace including the pressure switch to ensure that it's safely installed and there are no safety hazards. He will never leave the area unless the technician is certain that there are no potential problems and your furnace is working efficiently.

Do Not Attempt a DIY

Furnace installation can be a complicated process especially for those who do not have extensive experience in the industry. We would advise homeowners to always contact a professional for a successful installation. Do not install it by yourself either — DIY articles and videos may be able to provide you with the installation steps but it won't be able to help when you encounter a problem during the installation process.

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