To keep your Furnace runs smoothly and safely, keep your unit serviced at least once per year by an expert and ensuring every single component functions properly.

In order to keep your furnace safe at home: Vanheat Services provide a list with the vary of test for your Furnace, resulted in safety on the top, and cutting the gas bill, and increasing the furnace lifetime, next.
New generation Furnaces these days are more than %95 efficient, and they have different categories and options, must be matched with the house layout, size, and age specification to measure the heat loss very accurately.

The new Furnace BTU measurement is a technical job, and Vanheat Services experts are ready to help you to get the best Furnace with the optimum capacity to save in gas and further expenses.
Vanheat Services technicians check the appliances power and gas circuits, to get the customer aware about their furnace situation thoroughly, Clean air is the other issue related to the Furnace that most customers have problem with; so Vanheat Services technicians have many solutions to purify the air, that is coming out of the supply venting to indoor, cleaning the vent, or filter are not the only way, please ask Vanheat Services to help you with.


Vanheat Services always tries to save older furnaces by some repairs and maintenances and watch them to make sure the unit is working safely. Still, in some rare cases, the Furnace no longer works safely and must replace, Vanheat Services always help to get the best option for that house with related promotions, like company promotions, Fortis BC promotions, and some other government promotions; that will help to handle the major expenses, or even financing of the company may help as well.


As Vanheat Services technicians are in the heating and cooling business for years, and also Vanheat Services experiencing many referrals of our older customers; there is a large size of database available with the company and marketing center tries to call our customers to serve them once per year to make sure our related customers don’t have a problem with their furnace performance.


  1. Gas consumption, gas pressure in manifold and gas leak
  2. Motor Amps, and cleaning the back of motor to breath better, lubricate the bearings
  3. Cleaning the burners , make sure the ignition and flame sensor function well
  4. Make sure the filter is clean and the returnable CFM air to the motor compartments is enough
  5. Make sure the furnace is not emission (CO), Carbon Monoxide to indoor and the heat exchanger is working fine
  6. Test the mother board to find out if the amps and capacity is normal
  7.  Checking pressure switches and inducer fan
  8.  Clean  and vacuum in and out and put a sticker on the venting with date


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